Monday, May 18, 2009


God has been teaching me patience with this Africa situation for a long time, I was even questioning for a while if I was even supposed to go. Then through prayer and talking with friends and family and doors opening I realized that this is where I am supposed to talk my life.  I am scared, happy and nervous to see where this is going to take me.  I want to leave tomorrow but things take time.  When I send them a email it takes about two or three months to get a response back.  At first I was bothered by this.  Then I realized that I AM NOT THE ONLY PERSON IN THE WORLD!  Now I am OK with it I have come to a peace with it know that God's timing is MUCH better then my timing.  So for now I wait I keep practicing my patience until I get that email that has the heading BOTSWANA on it.  

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I feel like all I have been doing is waiting for the day to come when I am finally on that plane! The thoughts of leaving have been constantly on my mind.  I have been looking back at journal entries that I have made over the past years and there was one that really stuck me so I thought that I would share it....

June 28, 2ooo

Today went good for the most part.  I was able to get stuff done around the house and clean my car.  The message really moved me tonight it made me realize that I want to go! I want to stand up and run out that door I am ready and willing and I just need to do it.  I need to stop talking the talk of going and actually go I really need to start running towards the door, the time has come and I want to move forward.  I want to and need to.  I want to take your love for me to the next level. I want to know you more. 

Wow was all I kept saying after reading this If I look back at what I have done over the years since this journal entry I think that everything that I have done and learned as brought me to where I need to be to leave.  I am not saying that I am perfect and that it will be easy but I am truly ready willing and able.  I have the support of family and friends and that means the world to me.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Ok so here is the deal I always remember my dreams!! Usually they are dreams that could actually take place in real life like plying with Kaden and Kendall (my Nephew and Niece) or going to a family reunion or just hanging out around the house. But sometimes they take this crazy spin usually I just wake up think to my self that was a little silly and go right back to bed but last night was a little different........................

While in the middle of a perfectly nice sleep this is what was going through my head.

I was at my parents house with my roommate and good friend Angela. My dad was sitting on the couch watching the MSU Basketball game (pretty normal so far). Ok well I was cleaning out the windows with a vacuum because they were really dirty and my mom asked me to clean them for her before she left for Meier. While in the process of cleaning the windows I was getting a little scared because I am afraid of spiders and there were a ton of dead ones in the window frames. Well I was on my last window I pulled out the frame to clean it and a huge spiders fell to the floor this one was alive. I was in a panic, I asked my Dad to get up and kill it but he wouldn't help me. I watched it run up the stairs not knowing what to do I just screamed.............

Well that scream is what woke me up I was screaming in real life. I was now awake and in my bed my heart was pounding!! Like I said earlier I can usually go right back to sleep but this night was different from any other night I was scared and I couldn't fall back asleep. I actually pulled all my covers back to make sure there were no spiders. Then I laid back down and tried to fall asleep still no luck, so I got up went to the bathroom came back turned on my Ipod and put on Chris Tomlin hoping that would relax me enough to fall asleep luckily I was able to fall back asleep. I can honestly say that if I never have a dream about a spider again I will be a much happier person!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Do you ever just wonder what you should or shouldnt say to people...... Maybe it's jsut me but i hope it isnt!!!


I really can't believe how long it has been since I have posted it's been way over a year but I feel like I shuld get started again so please bare with me!!!!!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I havent posted in a while so here is life in a nutshell....

and more Work

And the funny thing is, is that I am loving it!!!!! :)

Thursday, November 24, 2005



Today is a day filled with family and fun. The usual great food and then laughing and hanging out later the normal trip to the movie theater to see a movie!!! I know it may seem strange to some that we are going to see a movie on thanksgiving day but it is just something that we have done for the last 8 or so years. Last year the movie of choice was Polor Express this year we are not sure it might be, Yours Mine and Ours.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Where I have been

Things have been crazy for me, the new job has finally started. I LOVE it, the kids are awesome and the other poeople I work with are great too. Sometimes I just listen to the things that they say and watch the things that they do and I am blown away.


I am sitting down looking out the window I will give youone guess what I can see falling from the sky.


I am not sure what I should do laugh, cry, or scream in excitment.